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    You Focus on Your Business. We Focus on Running it Smoothly.
    Leave all complicated technology work for our team, we are good in making it smooth for your business.
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    Let your Business Earn when you Rest
    Be it Simple Website, complicated E-Commerce Portal or highly Complex Cloud Setup for your Business, we are there to make it happen for you.
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    Enteprise Cloud Solutions
    Streamline your business processes, improve your business productivity, access your business anywhere anytime with our robust and scalable Open Source Cloud Solutions.
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    Talk to Us to know how we can help your business grow online. Call us at: US - +1-408-663-0955 OR India - +91-98789-66449

What we do ?

We solve your business problems with best of breed software technologies.

We are a clan of go-getters, who are passionate about technology and putting it in work for real business. Our team at TechZulla have a burning ambition to help business owners harness the power of technology to make their businesses more productive, efficient, revenue generating. Best of technologies are always in reach of big corporates, but what about Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We want to change the parameters on playing ground by empowering these SMEs with the same best of breed technologies at a price which they can afford and cherish.

Looking for Technology Partner ?

We work closely with you as your end to end technology partner to grow your business with latest, robust & scalable technologies. We consider your business as our business to make it a success.

Why to Choose Us ?

  • Customer Delight is what we strive for

    We are a passion driven company. One of our passions, other than technology, is to Delight Our Customers. We do whatever it takes to delight our customers. Our company's whole and sole purpose is to help organizations grow their business with use of latest, robust and scalable software technologies. We engage with our clients keeping value generation for them as our primary objective in mind. We will be there to help all the way whenever you need us.

  • End to End Technology Solutions Provider

    We have varied and extensive experience in all software technology related areas, hence we analyse and propose complete technology solution which makes more sense for your business. Be it developing a particular piece of software to solve your specific problem or be it stream linings your business processes with right set of workflows and software, we have expertise and knowledge to make IT work for you.

  • We have 10+ years of core IT experience

    TechZulla is a place where teams strive to excel client's expectations. Our team is highly skilled and have members with more than 10 years of experience in IT industry across various disciplines like Consulting, Development, Support etc. We have teams with expertise in various technologies like Linux, C/C++, Open-Source technologies like SugarCRM, vTiger, WordPress, OpenCart, PHP, MySQL etc.

What our clients say about us

  • TechZulla did a great job of enabling us to sell online with our own e-commerce portal hosted on their cloud based e-commerce solution RetailEMall.
    Neiha Sharma, Decor Bazaar
  • TechZulla help us through out the process of planning, designing and developing and launching our much awaited travel portal. We are glad that we got in touch with TechZulla and they exceeded our expectation every time we approached them.
    Ritu Panesar, Travelopod